Ego and Love

The war between Ego and Love

War of Ego and Love

The ego is becoming the very large obstacles to love and in our relationship which turns into a battleship. the ego thinks that the best way to love someone is to change them the way you want, so its leads to possessiveness of your partner which is unhealthy in your relationship. Ego means you love more on what the person gives to you and not truly love the person which is needed in healthy relationship.

Ego and Love
Ego and Love

The Ego

  1. false self – a person with an ego will pretend to be what he or she is not.
  2. thinking only about me – he or she will not think about others.
  3. separation – a person with ego needs to work alone and don’t need any unity to do any work.
  4. blame – a person with ego will always blame their partner.
  5. hostility – its shows that they don’t like something or unfriendly.
  6. Resentment – they feel anger because they are forced to accept something which they do not like.
  7. pride – A person with ego feels superior to others.
  8. complain – they keep on complaining about others behavior.
  9. jealousy – A person with ego always compare oneself to others, so they can’t be happy in life.
  10. anger power – A person with ego will angered by silly things or issues.
  11. materialism – these persons have greedy with money or possessions and don’t have any spirituality.
  12. madness – they will have stupid behavior and don’t have proper knowledge or experience for decision making and judgements.
  13. war – A person with ego doesn’t like peace.
  14. coldness – a person with ego have rock like heart which never get melt for others.
  15. past / future oriented – They only think about past memories and future interests.
  16. intolerance – they will not tolerate any opinions or behavior which they do not like.
  17. self-importance – A person with ego is value for own self without valuing others.
  18. egoism – they will treat you according to their self-interest.
  19. self-denial – they will self-sacrifice their own interest and needs.
  20. social intolerance – A person with ego is not accepting any opinion in social.
  21. complications – they have many complexities.
  22. impulsive – they show oneself as better than everyone else.
ego and love

The Love

  1. true self – they will always show a real oneself which they are, without showing fake one for show off.
  2. Thinking about both of us – they will think about their partner.
  3. unity – they will work with others
  4. understanding – they are very understanding with each other.
  5. friendliness – they are affectionate with each other.
  6. love – they have very great bonding of love.
  7. gratefulness – they feel gratefulness for having together.
  8. co-happiness – they don’t complain about anything because they been accepted everything from each other.
  9. happiness – they are happy in their life because they don’t compare with each other’s.
  10. humble – they show low estimate of one’s importance.
  11. spiritualism – they believe on religious practice.
  12. wisdom – they have proper knowledge for taking any decision or judgement.
  13. peace – they love to remain in peace.
  14. sympathy – they will feel pity for someone else.
  15. now orientation – they will think about present things.
  16. tolerance – they will tolerate partners mistakes without feeling anger.
  17. we-importance – they will value each other.
  18. altruism – they are unselfish with each other.
  19. self-acceptance – they will accept their own decision.
  20. social acceptance – they will accept any opinion in socially.
  21. simplicity – they live simple life without showing off.
  22. just be yourself – they show their real nature with each other.


Ego is gaining something on exchange of giving something. this ego can break any healthy relationship. ego and love can’t be together.

You should kill your Ego before it ruins your life. so, kill your pride, choose purpose of life, maintain healthy self-esteem, never complain, don’t compare yourself, kill the addiction, show kindness, never look for flaws, stop beating yourself up and take responsibility. Love Connects!!

Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love Ego and Love

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