10 things in your behavior can ruin your Image

10 things in your behavior can ruin your Image

10 things in your behavior can ruin your Image
10 things in your behavior can ruin your Image

10 things in your behavior can ruin your Image are as follow

1. Your Expectations

When you are expectant from someone, they will always give you something. However, when you expect people to show up or to do something for you, they won’t. For example, someone is expecting a shipment and you’re expecting him to come back for the coffee mug that he lost, and it is usually not good. If it is the first time, he is making a delivery or coming back to get something, then you may be patient with him, but if it has been many times that you’re expecting people to do something and they never come back, then it can be disrespectful. The word “expected” should be substituted with “requisitioned” for that reason.

It can be hurtful. Do not expect anything from people.

2. Selfish Behavior

It is important to know that if you are not happy with the job you are doing, then you have the power to change it. If you are doing something that you don’t enjoy, there is a simple solution. Go out and get another job, if it is possible, go work at a different department.

3. Annoying Behavior

People can become irritated by those who do certain things over and over again. For example, a guy is always late to his appointments or his meetings. Most people get angry when they see people behaving in that manner. So, if you notice that your behavior is causing someone to become irritated with you, then you have to correct yourself.

4. Political Behavior

In the modern society, most people are politically correct. This means that, in order to keep peace, people should stay away from doing the things that could give them any disadvantage in their career or social life. For example, you are the boss’s daughter. At this point, you may not want to sign a document that says, “fond of kinky sex.” For that reason, you have to have a mind of your own and stay away from those things that could put you in a disadvantage.

5. Spiteful Behavior

You should not act in such a manner that other people should fear you. You have to understand that you have to follow the common rules of civilized behavior.

Some behaviors that are commonly done in the society are:

  • – insulting people with the purpose of degrading their status
  • – gossiping, backbiting, trying to win people’s favor by spreading lies about them
  • – being jealous, particularly if there is something attractive or wonderful to someone else
  • – getting easily offended when someone does something that you feel is disrespectful or embarrassing
  • – making others feel bad
  • – breaking rules
  • – being a gossip
  • – breaking trust
  • – taking credit for other people’s accomplishments
  • – not giving to others what you have to offer.

You have to keep yourself in check if you are in any of those activities. They can ruin your image.

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6. Indiscreet Behavior

Keep your private life to yourself. The word “indiscreet” is not a pleasant one. People who do this kind of thing usually seem happy, but they are generally unhappy. If someone does something like that, then that means he or she is not a sincere and a considerate person. For that reason, it is essential that you know how to act in social situations and public places. There are things that you should never do and some types of behavior you should avoid.

7. Double Standards

Even though, this word should be replaced with “hypocrisy.” The fact is, you may have different thoughts and ideas about life than the people who are around you. For example, you may want to take advantage of your neighbor’s kindness and be sweet to him or her. However, when you do it, you may feel guilty, especially when you are out in public and are observed by other people. People see things differently.

Some people like it when you are nice to them and some people like when you are mean to them. It is always important to know that if you want to get respect from other people, you have to give respect to other people. It is not fair to take from people or to treat them badly.

8. Ugly Behavior

Avoid bad odor. Bad smell causes many people to feel uncomfortable. In addition, bad odor causes people to feel lonely. We all have a need to be with other people and to meet them. If you do not meet people in social situations, you cannot be happy. Also, being alone is not good for you.

9. Improper Language

The use of bad language makes the person who uses it feel like he or she is not of the same intellect. If a person uses bad language, then he or she will not be accepted by other people. Thus, this behavior is not beneficial for the person.

things in your behavior can ruin your Image things in your behavior can ruin your Image things in your behavior can ruin your Image things in your behavior can ruin your Image

10. Negative Attitude

Hence, bad mood, the loss of hope, and sadness often are the result of bad attitudes. People who are in a negative mood are not good for people around them. Such a person might easily make a wrong judgment about a person. Thus, avoiding bad attitudes is very important.

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