14 red flags in dating you should never ignore

14 red flags in dating you should never ignore

red flags in dating you should never ignore
red flags in dating you should never ignore

1. You are not concerned about the other person:

Life is all about coming up with the best possible idea. Where is your partner coming from? Do they really have an idea about you? Do they know what you do for living?

A man or woman will truly respect you and be with you if you are concerned about the person. They should be focused about what you do, where you come from, what are your likes and dislikes, and whether you are physically attractive.

2. He doesn’t open up:

If you really like this guy or he likes you a lot, he will tell you what he really feels about you. He won’t even mind what you think about him because he knows that you are his everything. He will appreciate your opinion about him and it will be about his work.

3. He is not honest:

He doesn’t want to see you. He acts cold to you. He is going out to the club or out to watch a movie. He is not willing to tell you why he wants to stay in or out. He doesn’t give a damn about your feelings.

4. He has an idea of your career:

If a man asks you what do you do and you can’t remember your title, your company, your job title, and your duties, he is not for you. He only cares about sex. A man should know you are an adult and he should be concerned about you and not your career.

5. He is selfish:

A man should be a nice guy. He should treat you like the queen you are. He should respect you, give you money, buy you presents, give you quality time, invest in you and the relationship, and treat you well. A man should be a man. He should be concerned about you.

6. He is not a people person:

A man is not for you if he is just for himself. A man must love to talk to you and be with you. He should love to show you his emotions and he should care about how you feel.

7. He is not affectionate:

He must not be selfish and he must show you how much he cares about you. He should be a nice guy. A man should care about your feelings, hug you, kiss you, touch you. If he is selfish, he would not do this. A man should not be in a relationship with a girl if he doesn’t appreciate how beautiful, caring and affectionate you are.

8. He wants to control you:

He doesn’t like it if you say no or if you don’t give your opinion or input about something. He is controlling and has no respect for women. A man is not for you if he doesn’t respect you or if he is selfish and self-centered.

9. He is not demanding:

A man must be demanding if he is with you. He should be demanding enough to demand something from you. If he is not demanding enough, he is not in love. A man should be demanding and not nice.

10. He is a womanizer:

A man must be a gentleman if he is in a relationship with you. He must not be a womanizer. A man should not sleep with other women and that is why you shouldn’t date a womanizer. He is not for you.

11. He has a huge ego:

A man with a huge ego will always have a hard time with women. He cannot see you for who you really are. A man must not be too big and proud if he is with you. A man should not have a huge ego if he is with you.

12. He talks a lot:

A man who talks too much is just trying to impress you. If he is talking to his friends and never to you, then he is not for you. A man should listen more than he talks. If he is talking a lot and has no time for you, he is not for you.

13. He has short relationships:

If he never has time for you, then he is not in love with you. A man has time for a woman. He will care for you and spend time with you. A man has time for a woman if he wants to be with you for the rest of his life.

14. He doesn’t love himself:

A man must love himself and be himself before he can love anyone.

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