10 flaws and weirdness that seems to be attractive

10 flaws and weirdness that seems to be attractive
10 flaws and weirdness that seems to be attractive

10 flaws and weirdness that seems to be attractive

1. They’re confident of who they are:

Confidence is a plus. You can’t have it if you don’t have any. I can’t have confidence without being self-assured and, in many cases, self-aware. So, if a man who wears the trousers in a group of friends or family doesn’t look like a fidgeting, anxiety-ridden mess, that’s an advantage. We all go through periods of uncertainty, but it is awesome when you know who you are and do so while flashing confidence. As an added bonus, confidence is a magnet for girls who like confidence. And it never hurts to have that little ‘woo Hoo’ moment every now and then. What’s that you say? You’re too self-conscious to display your personal charisma in public? Good news: it’s not always easy to find. It’s not always easy to find, but it is possible. Here’s how to handle it.

2. Self-acceptance:

When we’re successful, we don’t need to explain why we’re successful. There’s no need to search for validation from others when we already know we’ve got something worth showing off. We may not be able to explain why we know we’re good at something, but we can know it. One day I’ll have a CV that’ll blow your socks off, and you won’t need me to prove it. And you’ll want to prove it, too, if only to be close to something that real.

3. Being authentic:

We all dress up to go out, but not everybody wants to be one of those people who wears a cardigan with jeans. There’s a big difference between ‘finding a nice shirt I think I look good in’ and ‘looking good at all times’. Remember that everybody’s not cool, but it’s cool to look cool. People who do both. Some examples of ‘cool’: the Shahid Kapur’s of the world. On the flip side of this is the bearded guy who wears the bedsheets. It’s not cooled to be cool. But you probably already knew that.

This dude is also a human being and thus gets stressed out. A grown-up, in that he’ll say what he needs to and doesn’t behave in a way that a child might. It’s also cooled to be very upset by a strange, pretty woman who wants your phone number. It’s very cool. It also has nothing to do with being self-loathing. It’s called being an adult.

4. They laugh at your jokes:

It’s the universal understanding that laughter is the best medicine. No, it’s not just for kids. The secret is to be happy at your own expense, preferably with someone else there laughing with you, too.

5. They get all their vitamins:

They wear sunscreen when they should. They eat whole-wheat. They’re passionate about cleaning out drains. They turn off their air-conditioner when they’re not using it. These are huge concerns for someone who has a standard-issue southern California tan. But they do it anyway. Good for them.

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6. They tell you:

They might be letting you do all the work, but at least they tell you. No mystery men here.

7. They let you be you:

A lot of people have an idea of who they’re looking for and they reject potential partners for these imperfections, not because of who they are. So, stop trying to Mould yourself into the ideal. Your best chance of getting into their good books is by being your raw, unfiltered self.

8. They love you when you’re unlovable:

Life’s full of people who don’t like you, but don’t try to change you. You can’t change others, but you can choose how you respond to them.

9. They give you space:

After meeting their parents, making a joke out of the many f–k-ups of their life is enough to earn them permanent side-eye from their friends. Why? Well, because they’re awesome. They’re confident in who they are and don’t want to change their behavior to suit others. This is the epitome of a cool human being.

10. They don’t consider you a white-trash joke:

That’s not cool. People who are trying to earn your respect are cool, not assholes who poke fun at a guy who ‘could do so much better.’ Unless they’re an ass. Then they’re still cool.


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