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how to propose your best friend indirectly without saying anything?

how to propose your best friend indirectly

how to propose your best friend indirectly

It should feel seamless and real:

As you mentioned, there are no good ways to get into your friend’s heart, only the unexpected. So how do you create the surprise and catch them off-guard without saying anything, just taking a step further?

Never ask outright. Ask them if they want you to get into their heart and figure it out in private. This takes the spotlight off of you as a possible romantic option for them. It also prevents them from saying “no” by deciding they don’t want you to propose to them. When in doubt, ask more questions.

When you don’t know exactly what to say, simply suggest that they get into their heart if they want you to propose to them. This can be seen as a pretty lighthearted gesture, but you can still convey a message of how much you want their opinion on it. As a result, they may agree to their proposal or maybe you could explain it even more explicitly.

Here’s how this can look:

Thinking it over, I think you’re proposing to your friend even more now, because you really want to see what their opinion is. Don’t give up even if they’re resisting your invitation. Ask them if they want you to propose to them and look back. They will likely tell you if they do. Don’t hesitate. Simply say “if you do” and take a step forward, closing your eyes when you do so and opening them when you’re sure you’re speaking to their heart. After you open your eyes, see if you can propose even more directly.

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what would be the best method to propose to a friend indirectly?

let them take the lead. If they propose something else, let them take the lead.

What kind of friend would you suggest as the perfect man for me to propose to if I want to avoid asking the man directly?

I believe this may be your one and only chance to find out if this would be your best friend if he proposed to you. If he tells you that you’re his best friend, then you’ll know what to say to him and how you should propose to him. Otherwise, you would probably still have to propose to him indirectly.

If you want to avoid asking him directly, you can ask him to just take a step further. What would be the best method to propose your best friend indirectly without saying anything? It should feel seamless and real.

Once you propose him privately, you have a few options to make it all work. You can propose a complete surprise or you can propose your idea to him. You can propose to him for the first time or you can propose the idea in front of him. If you ask him directly, it would probably create an awkward situation, especially if you just met him and you don’t know how he feels about you. If he responds positively to your proposal, then you have a slight chance of getting your proposal accepted. You would have to propose the idea to him over and over again, repeating your proposal until he accepts it.

If you ask him privately, he will have to approve it for you to propose it more than once. In either case, you can propose a lighthearted idea in front of your friend, but you need to be sure it won’t be something that could trigger negative feelings. If you propose something serious, it could be very difficult to get it accepted. In fact, if he doesn’t approve your idea or is offended by it, you’ll probably have to apologize and let him know that it was a mistake.

How would I propose a friend indirectly?

Here’s a rough method that will allow you to express your deepest desires indirectly, without ever saying anything directly to your friend. Remember, it’s up to him to accept or reject your proposal, so your only real option to achieve your goal would be to suggest that you would like to get into his heart in a way that’s not overtly romantic. If your friend accepts it or resists it, you can explain that it was a mistake and you won’t propose it again. Even if he rejects it again, you still have the chance to propose a similar idea or suggest a different one. This way, it will seem like you were just expressing your desires indirectly.

What would the best way to propose my friend privately?

It’s not easy to explain what you want to a friend privately. I believe this is the best method, especially if you know your friend’s personality well and you want to avoid saying something too controversial, annoying him or making him reject your proposal. If he truly wants to be your friend, you don’t need to say anything else, except for perhaps something along the lines of “what would be the best method to propose to my friend on an intimate level?” or “what would be the best method to propose a friend on an intimate level?”

It should feel natural, and you shouldn’t have to say anything else. Don’t hesitate to propose the idea, even if your friend tells you, it’s not the right time or not necessary. For most of my proposals, I only had to propose once and I would never have to propose again. In fact, you only need to propose a second time if your friend rejects.

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