8 problems of introvert lovers and how can you solve it

8 problems of introvert lovers and how can you solve it

8 problems of introvert lovers and how can you solve it
8 problems of introvert lovers and how can you solve it

Women, especially women in our world like to do things that are socially correct. Often this means doing things that men have to do as well. And often this involves what is called speaking well.

Not too long-ago women spoke with a forced smile. This is how you speak when you do not know who you are talking to. This is how you speak when you do not really like who you are talking to. This is how you speak when you are insecure. This is the way you speak when you are introverted. This is how you speak when you have not had to talk to people much.

Introverts tend to be sensitive and shy and usually find it difficult to express or express oneself. Hence, love affairs between introverts and extroverts, in general, are a tough one. In case you are experiencing emotional stress, you are on the right track as an introvert to approach an introvert and in such cases the reaction of introvert tends to be different as compared to others.

8 problems of introvert lovers are as follow.

1. Having to split the bill in half

Introverts have a very bad conscience, they worry about this type of stuff and what happens if it is all spent on strangers and the atmosphere is bad. For them, they need to feel cared for, loved and trusted, if the house is busy and the temperature is okay then they are happy but if it is all cold and stuffy then they are all stressed out. Therefore, it is recommended to have intimate dates in colder places like indoors. So they can meet the people who love and respect them and spend time together.

2. They dislike big parties

Introverts are the only people who can be social without having the presence of the entire group around them. They hate having to hold big parties because they need to get out of the house, it can be difficult to start a conversation with people they don’t know. They need to feel safe and cared for, if they are all strangers they feel like people are looking at them and judge them. If there are close friends, it is easy to feel safe because they can talk and spend time together without worrying about people judging them.

3. Lack of enthusiasm in romance

Most of the introverts have low self-esteem so they don’t see themselves as good lovers. When they are in a relationship, the romantic moments are very quick, they never get excited and like to spend some time on doing something. They always feel like they are doing something wrong in the relationship, they feel less of a lover than an extrovert lover. They feel like they need the attention and their partner is feeling uncomfortable around them because they never have the chance to share the intimate moments with them.

4. Never going to a bar or party

Most introverts don’t like going to parties and events because they don’t like seeing strangers and they are shy, introverts hate talking to people they don’t know. In a club or bar, the introverts feel so uncomfortable, they don’t even want to walk inside, the entire environment can make them feel lost and inadequate.

5. Intimacy problems

Introverts find it difficult to have intimacy with someone they don’t feel close to. They are quite shy and don’t feel secure enough to share their intimate moments with someone. In romantic relationships, they feel like a separate person, so they don’t want to share the intimacy either, they feel like it is a big burden to share a lot of personal information with someone.

6. Meeting the family

Introverts feel so awkward meeting the family and feel like they are showing their flaws, people who are close to them can’t accept them easily, and they feel like the family doesn’t have the chance to get to know them because they are shy and introverted.

7. Finding a long-term lover

Most introverts find it difficult to get a lover who is willing to stick to them for a long time, because they are vulnerable, they have low self-esteem and low self-esteem makes them feel like they are not the perfect lover. They get scared and think that it is a disaster if they are in a relationship and the other person leaves them. That is why the relationship is short-lived and they don’t get to feel close to the person they love.

8. Stress after romantic relationships

Introverts often feel stressed and stressed because of the love they are forced to express to someone they don’t feel close to. This is also stressful for introverts because they feel like they are desperate to express how they feel. As soon as they feel close to someone, they feel the stress gets worse because they feel as if their love is being looked down upon. This makes them lose their self-esteem and feelings of intimacy.

conclusion: All in all, introverts deserve more respect and love because they have different personality traits that make them more easy to respect and love.

Although, i am not an extrovert but i know how difficult it is to be an introvert and how I really want to live and love.

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