8 Top Reasons for Breakup with someone if you’re not sure

Top reasons for breakup

There are many potential reasons for a breakup, and the specific reason(s) can vary greatly depending on the individual circumstances of the relationship. Some common reasons for breakups include:

  • Lack of communication:
  • Lack of effort
  • Infidelity
  • Different goals or values
  • Growing apart
  • Constant arguing
  • Lack of emotional support
  • Physical or emotional abuse


Top reasons for breakup
Top reasons for breakup


Lack of communication:

Difficulty communicating effectively can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and a lack of intimacy in a relationship.

Lack of effort:

If one or both partners stop putting in effort to maintain the relationship, it can lead to a breakdown in the relationship.


Trust is a key component of any healthy relationship, and infidelity can severely damage trust and lead to a breakup.

Different goals or values:

If two people have different goals or values, it can be difficult for them to maintain a long-term relationship.

Growing apart:

Over time, people can change and grow in different directions, which can lead to a feeling of disconnection and ultimately a breakup.

Constant arguing:

Constant arguing and conflict can be a sign of deeper issues in the relationship and can lead to a breakup.

Lack of emotional support:

Feeling unsupported or unvalued by your partner can lead to a feeling of disconnection and ultimately a breakup.

Physical or emotional abuse:

Physical or emotional abuse is never acceptable in a relationship and can be a major reason for a breakup.

It’s important to remember that every relationship is different, and the specific reasons for a breakup can vary greatly. If you’re considering a breakup, it’s a good idea to take some time to reflect on the specific issues in your relationship and whether they can be addressed or if a breakup is the best course of action.

Main Reasons for breakup

10 main Reasons for breakup are as follows:

  • 1. Caught in an argument
  • 2. False promises
  • 3. Unrespectability
  • 4. Unhappiness
  • 5. Irresponsibility
  • 6. Emotions
  • 7. Inability to please your partner
  • 8. Not opening up to your partner
  • 9. Illicit relationships
  • 10. Secrets

Explanation of Reasons for breakup and how to solve are as follow

1. Caught in an argument

Arguments usually build up to the point that people feel that they can’t talk to each other anymore. Sometimes the way out of it is the quality time. Sometimes you may be simply fed up with the other person’s behaviour. Even if they tell you they’re sorry and how they will not argue anymore, but they keep doing it. So, be careful to say sorry sincerely. Try and discuss the issue rationally, and if you still can’t resolve it, you have to get out.

2. False promises:

No one makes a promise without checking with the other person. In other words, it is a transparent matter and both of you agree on this before you get into a relationship. If you are the one in the relationship, check your promises are indeed genuine, and if they are not, you have to tell your partner and decide whether to break up or not.

3. Unrespectability:

Treat your partner with respect, as you deserve to be treated. If he/she does not accept this, then you have to end the relationship.

4. Unhappiness:

You feel your partner is not happy with you. And if you’re unhappy with your partner, it can lead to breakups. So be honest with yourself. Are you not happy because your partner doesn’t do things the way you like?

5. Irresponsibility:

Your partner should have a lot of responsibilities at his/her hand. If this is not the case, you may not stay together. It is not easy to bring your lover up, but he/she should know what is good for them and should do the same for you.

6. Emotions:

At times emotions can be used to abuse the relationship. It is not recommended to have negative emotions in a relationship, and so, you have to maintain the positive mood in the relationship.

7. Inability to please your partner:

If your partner cannot make you happy, he/she is probably with someone else.

8. Not opening up to your partner:

You need to communicate your feelings and know your partner’s feelings. At the same time, there will be times when you will be tired of listening to the other’s thoughts and feelings. So, be sure you’re able to listen to his/her point of view and give feedback too.

9. Illicit relationships:

There is no such thing as ‘secret lover.’ It is not normal to cheat on your partner. If you are involved in illicit(unlawful) relationships, then you will know by yourself that you have to end the relationship.

10. Secrets:

Secrets are secrets for a reason. If your partner keeps hiding things from you, it could be a sign of unhappiness in the relationship. You need to be completely honest with each other and there should be no secrets in the relationship.

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20 ways to solve breakup problems are as follow

  1. Attempting some sensuous manner of hoping this person never wished to change his behavior towards you
  2. Trying to communicate with him to have you in his life
  3. Assuring him that if he should change, you will give up any achievement that have made you happy and find happiness of you yourself again
  4. Mediation or reducing each of your approach and in doing so, it will develop into a problem
  5. He will start ignoring you if he is unsatisfied with your lack of presence
  6. Try to involve him emotionally; send him love and live for your chances in happiness
  7. Reassuring him about the amount of heart and stability you have, this will clear his self-made problems and will develop better relationships
  8. To prevent a breakup, allow yourself to feel and seek after peace and fulfillment. For, after a breakup, your state of mind is terrible and the only way out of it is to deal with it
  9. Pretending to be living as a prisoner in your own head is the only solution
  10. Ask your parents and get advise if they could ensure to play a nice and positive role in your relationships. But it will surely seem that they cannot be more than a bad influence in your life
  11. Trying to love someone with a bad feeling
  12. Should this person become happy in your arms, to let him go and try to find your own happiness
  13. Attempting to make him feel that he is not you and that you can make your future without his help
  14. Being arrogant towards him for which he would say it’s not important but you will find that he will give you to no amount of time
  15. Try to communicate with him directly to ascertain that this was the only way to start over from scratch again
  16. Taking responsibility for the outcome in the form of creating personal damages in this relationship.
  17. Would say “Give me my freedom back and start fresh”
  18. Trying to forget that it was you who blew your happiness in your face, would just add more aggravation and resentment
  19. Taking extra support from other and think that all is right with the world and your relationships
  20. Avoiding responsibility for being yourself

What to do when your relationship is at breaking point?

Men and women don’t always think the same. We believe that this theory is backed up by a study.

A study carried out by Baylor University in Texas, USA, claimed that women’s brains prefer to think that their life partner is happier than they are.

If your relationship has fallen into a state of disconnection, here are a few tips on what to do.

  1. “There are some people whose emotional state will be more affected by anger. This is the opposite of somebody who would experience anger as a negative emotion,” Stephen Levine, PhD, a New York-based psychotherapist, told Business Insider.
  2. “An emotional state of blame occurs when you judge or blame somebody else. This is normally a self-defense mechanism, but this is very destructive,” Levine added.
  3. “People who tend to take responsibility for everything will have a more positive emotional reaction to someone being upset. An emotional reaction to someone being upset will go the other way, for instance, when the person feels angry.”
  4. “A calm, sensible approach can be more effective than attacking, and will also prevent you or your partner from feeling like you’re the victim of someone else,” Levine added.
  5. “Try to imagine what your partner is actually thinking. Then try to understand why they are reacting this way. Is it because of past events, or are they just doing it to get a reaction out of you?” Levine suggested.
  6. “The most difficult thing to do is to create time to stop and communicate. If you want to break down a fight, consider taking a walk together. It is important to stay on good terms with each other, and you will also develop a more powerful emotional connection to each other.”
  7. “A person with a high need for affection will often need to be given attention in order to keep their feelings in check. In this case, they may be more assertive. This means they will have less of a need to control things and will often be more respectful of the needs of others,” Levine added.
  8. “A low need for attention means that the person may express a negative emotion but will have a hard time asking for or accepting help. In this case, they will have less of a need for affection and may show anger when their partner offers it,” Levine said.

Reasons for breakup in long-distance relationship

Reasons for breakup in long-distance relationship are as follow

  1. Long-distance relationship is not working out; You both are having lots of fights, and you both realize that you cannot stay together in the long run.
  2. One or both of you is already in a serious relationship, so it is hard for you to make a relationship work when your significant other has moved on.
  3. While your significant other is away for work, you start to miss them a lot. This leads to a constant stream of communication, which only makes your bond feel tighter and stronger.
  4. One of you is getting too dependent on the other. You have grown distant from each other, which makes the relationship difficult to maintain.
  1. You think that the other person might leave you and find someone else, so you get hooked on the idea of moving to see them every few days.
  2. The other person also has trust issues that make it difficult for them to open up to you, which makes it hard for you to understand them.
  3. You have a family, a job, and other responsibilities which have prevented you from focusing on your relationship.
  4. You are selfish. You think only of yourself, and you do not care about your partner at all.
  5. You are a very low-maintenance partner, which makes it difficult for you to wait for your partner for a long time.
  6. You are sick of being away from your partner all the time.

These are the most common reasons for breakup in a long-distance relationship.

50 silly reasons for breakup

50 silly reasons for breakup are as follow

  1. She couldn’t communicate with you properly
  2. She was caught in a ‘blossoming relationship’
  3. You had an affair with her friends
  4. She stopped talking to you
  5. She grew tired of you calling her when she was out with friends
  6. You lied to her
  7. She got a better proposal/employment
  8. She cheated on you
  9. She changed
  10. She became a violent drunk
  11. She hid your presents
  12. She cut you off
  13. She started talking to her other friends
  14. You did something shameful
  15. She was already with someone else
  16. You didn’t pay heed to her
  17. She was busy playing with her other friends
  18. She was in a mood to spend
  19. She was taking drugs
  20. You were no longer interesting in her
  21. You were no longer handy
  22. You were not fulfilling her needs
  23. She moved in another city
  24. You were overweight
  25. You looked old
  26. You became less cool
  27. You got a cat
  28. She couldn’t meet up your desires
  29. She did not find you attractive anymore
  30. She stopped looking for you
  31. You felt you were not as ambitious as she is
  32. You got a new partner/family
  33. She was caught in a contagious illness
  34. You turned gay
  35. She became addicted to drugs
  36. You became an alcoholic
  37. You didn’t have the qualities she expected
  38. You were turned out by your family
  39. You did something to your friends
  40. She did something bad to you
  41. She didn’t love you anymore
  42. You were the only one to take care of her
  43. You had committed a crime
  44. She was now growing old
  45. She was becoming a clown
  46. You had a serious personality
  47. You had already become old before she was,
  48. She was talking to other men
  49. She had become fat before she was
  50. You refused to help her

Other Reasons for Breakup

She really doesn’t care about you anymore, You seem too busy with other relationships., She has changed., She has caught a ‘crush’ somewhere, You’re no longer cool enough, Your face is too old, You forgot to buy the ring, You have a family, She lost interest in you, She got a new project.

You don’t have good money, you don’t have any other good friends, your money is finished, she was caught in a childbirth, and you did not visit her, you haven’t got a decent job, she was married before you, she doesn’t listen to you, you never help her, she is in a bad relationship

She no longer cares about you, she does not trust you, she is now ‘popular’ and ‘young’, She is now ‘important’, She is now “attractive”, You forgot to offer a wedding gift, you have no respect for her

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Bad reasons for breakup

3 bad reasons for breakup are as follow:

1. Does your partner think that you hate him/her

This is the most common reason for a breakup. I am the reason he/she is in pain because I am not happy with him/her.

However, do not get rid of the love of your life because of a breakup. Breakups occur and people change but deep inside they still love you.

The most important thing is to accept this breakup and do it in the right way. Don’t give a response because you are afraid to lose someone you love. If you don’t reply, then I don’t think you should be with them. You should do it on the basis that you have gone wrong somewhere.

2. Your partner doesn’t call you

If your partner doesn’t call you when he/she is late, this is a red flag. You should go out and do some recreational things.

You are a mom or you are working, your partner should understand this. Or even you are in a different state than him/her. They should understand your situation.

If he/she is like this for a week, then do not wait for their call and end it. You might be thinking that if I leave him/her, he/she will be upset with me, that I’ll lose them. I know it’s true but who cares? They are not worth it. But this is not true. Just remember, you will have children together in the future. So this is not a big deal.

3. Your partner has dated someone else

No matter what, always end the relationship because your partner has dated someone else. Do not go and date other guys just because your partner has been seeing someone else. He/she still needs you.

You can get through a breakup by working on yourself. Go for sports. Buy some skincare products. Or practice yoga. Just take some time off from the world and learn to heal.

These are the 3 bad reasons for breakups. Don’t give your partner a chance to break you. Break up before it is too late.

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