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20 things girls don’t know about guys

20 things girls don’t know about guys

20 things girls don’t know about guys
  1. He can detect lies a mile off. I hate liars, so, how do you lie to a guy? You wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend, would you?
  2. Just when you think you have a man all figured out, he would try something new. What a way to shake you up. He’s not trying to hurt you, he just wants to test your level of knowledge and intelligence.
  3. Guys are very observant and can read between the lines when it comes to you. They know when you need them to be honest and when you are being honest with yourself.
  4. . He will be there for you no matter how bad you treat him. You can mess him up all you want but he will stick to you. No matter what you do, he will find a way to forgive you and he will continue to be by your side.
  1. Guys can hold their own when it comes to arguing. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves.
  2. While a guy may want to see a girl’s body, girls need to see a guy’s strength. That is a good feeling.
  3. He doesn’t see his penis as an object to drool over. There is a thin line between loving your body and being disgusted by it. Your guy has to see the beauty in you without lusting over it.
  4. He doesn’t mind asking your advice on something that you are passionate about.
  5. He doesn’t want you to ‘earn’ him or do things just to get your own needs fulfilled.
  6. He takes care of you. Always.
  7. They actually do care if you do not believe in them or vice versa. We never got a feeling we can be right about their feelings and be upset at them if they do not feel same way about us.
  8. They do not like it when you flirt with anyone else. When we love you, we do not want other guy to flirt with you or it hurts their ego.
  9. They cannot take more than 5 minutes to make up their minds. You can never know everything that is going on in their mind or in a given situation.
  10. You can never understand how they feel when we are not around. They can tell you they are hungry but they will not say it when we are not around.
  11. They are not fussy as some women are and that’s the reason we like them and can keep everything in a clean condition.
  12. They cannot stand extra load of work or tension.
  13. We like them even if their day starts late.
  14. We can understand their views at any given situation. They may not understand your views at all but they will respect your views.
  15. They can have a peaceful lunch break but not as we can have. They feel eating lunch while in office brings no fun and gets them extra stressed.
  16. They need some intimacy before they can share anything with us. They need time to get emotionally attached to you.

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